Growing your online sales and living up to your brand values just got easier

GoodCarts helps mission-driven companies gain new customers and grow the impact economy. It’s simple. After your customers checkout of your online store , you thank them with exclusive offers from other great companies like yours - and they’ll do the same for you when their customers checkout.

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  • Free to join
  • No technology overhead - Ever
  • Regularly acquire new proven customers
  • Pay only for redeemed coupons
  • Help grow the impact economy

How It Works

All Social Ventures, Conscious Capitalists, Sustainable Businesses, B Corps and Benefit Corporations, Entrepreneurs and Change Agents working to make business a global force for shared prosperity and social justice
are invited to join the GoodCarts Network free of charge

Say Thanks!

Each store in the network agrees to display a simple thank-you message on the purchase confirmation page of their shopping carts.

Customers are invited to view offers from other stores in the GoodCarts Network.

Customers that have just made a purchase are influenced to visit other stores in the network.

Great Coupons!

The customer chooses a coupon out of several offers shown. Each exclusive offer is from another store in the network.

Landing coupons

New Customers!

Each store in the network displays offers from other stores in the network. Every single store in the network gets a regular flow of proven, new customers!

Free To Join!

  • No technology overhead - Ever
  • Constant flow of new customers
  • Pay only for redeemed coupons
  • High coupon redemption rates
  • Help grow the sustainable economy

About Us

We’ll help you grow!

 GoodCarts is a members-only network that provides mission-driven online retailers new customers at zero upfront cost in order to grow sales and the global impact economy - as a service. GoodCarts is owned by, a Minnesota Benefit Corporation, founded in June of 2015, to grow the size and voice of the impact economy. 

Certified pending is a JV between Monkey Island, Inc, an Analytics, Search Engine and Conversion Optimization firm, and Warecorp, a software product engineering firm.


Joining the GoodCarts Network is easy and free.

You are invited to join the GoodCarts network if you have an online store and are recommended by one of our current members or are an active member or sponsor of one of the following organizations:

Svn Balle Impact hub Bsr Cc Socap Green america Investors circle Certified corporations Net impact Asbc